Remember that you started branding from the moment you created your company. You had to define the product or service and how that fit into the marketplace. You had a certain feeling of how that would come across. What your tagline might be and such. Of course from these basic, seminal stages to being in operation as a major industry player, you’ve already branded your company with many creative pieces. Everyone’s problems will be different at different points in the game, but at the same time, it’s simple: Is it working?

Our job is to listen and uncover what is spoken directly and indirectly to discover “the big picture,” express that big picture through verbal and visual means and weave those brand DNA strands into the story and expression across all touch points within an organization.

So everything starts with The Dig. This is our term for deep, immersive research, in person in a retreat format for one day or several. Through using a number of non-linear intuitive processes and games, we uncover what is obvious. Through deep listening and receptivity we seek to reflect what’s already there, put a human face on it so to speak as a living, breathing personality. Think of it this way: In the 21st century, it’s individuals of deep character, authentic personality that stand out. We assist in meeting the personality that’s already reflected in the leadership, founding vision and culture of the business, with the needs of the marketplace. We assist in creating a handshake, a meeting of the minds, for sparking a desire in your customer that might not have even been there until the encounter with your brand.

The Brand Discovery Dig    Brand Verbal Positioning