We’ve done the in person intensive—“The Dig”—now what?

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To review, The Dig is the immersive, rapid research segment of our work that is done in person with the key team members. When we return back to our offices, the next phase is to craft the Strategic Verbal Positioning Document. In other words, as a result of the research methods employed during “The Dig” we begin to answer the fundamental questions of what your organization is engaged in moving towards the core Brand Idea, or DNA of your brand. Some refer to this as the Brand Identity. Whatever the name, it’s that essential core that allows the energy, permission, and really “the voice” of the brand to find it’s authentic expression.

Regarding Verbal Positioning, this is where such pieces as the name and tagline emerge, typically out of answering the key positioning questions that defines the key categorical attributes that your organization absolutely dominates and proves unique.

In branding, there’s really no room for anything after number 2. This means that we strive to become category defining and craft out a blue ocean if necessary that creates the defining number one category within your marketplace.

Brand Naming: In the beginning was the word

And so with your brand. Your name and it’s extensions through the tagline and core messaging are of immense importance. Your name is the first entry point into the brand and the key reference point in culture of commerce. A great name inspires aspiration towards vs. marketing to. Customers wish to reach out, to step into the brand. The name inspires depth that invites exploration, mystery and magic. In a word, the name is seductive. That seduction leads to a tagline/message statement that clarifies the rational/categorical part of our brain and assist in knowing how to make the brand “actionable” in the context of our needs in the marketplace. Mark Victor Hansen draws a parallel to the naming of books: “Book titles pull at the heart; subtitles at the head.”

From the DNA a certain brand personality or “The Voice” also emerges, a reflection of many factors including the founding leadership of the organization, much as Steve Jobs being part and parcel with the personality of Apple. The Voice gives permission for organizations to find their own and “be themselves” in the marketplace with aplomb—authentic “attitude.”

Not to mention powerful, clean vision and mission statements, the brand mantra, the brand story pieces are developed. All of these pieces emerge through this second phase of the Brand Plan Sequence.

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