Naming is a passion of ours. Renaming is a big decision that cannot be taken lightly. We respect that. We’ve developed a process that consistently brings fresh ideas that are in alignment with the brand and speaks to the power and potential of the brand and resonates with the audience. Taglines are oftentimes the complement to the name, like a book’s title and subtitle. We pride ourselves on developing potent tag lines and strong brand messages.

We are sometimes brought in when organizations are stuck for a renaming process. Many times, it becomes clear after the brand discovery dig that a rename is required. And sometimes, organizations just need to better message their existing brand.

While it’s hard to convey the intensity of the creative process from before and after, below are some select names, taglines and messages we’ve developed for our clients.

  • The Embodied Work—
    Presence enlivens, presence heals

    Formally: Dana Appling, LCSW
  • Free Bodied—
    Access Your Body's Inner Healer

    Formally: Centered City Massage
  • Huntsville Hub—
    The Space that Connects

    Formally: Apex Business Centers
  • Heal with Harmony—
    Holding the Space to Heal

    Formally: Donna Harmony-Jones
  • Moving Aerial—
    Subtle, Simple, Sublime | Aerial Fine Art

    Formally: Elizabeth Stich
  • Orgmetrix—
    Leveraging Analytics for Organizational Improvement

    New Tagline
  • SLCircle—
    Do Business Better

    New Tagline
  • Yaktivate—
    Find Your Yak | Real Media, Real People, Real Markets

    Formally: Podstar Network
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