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There might be some preconception that the logo just happens anytime in the process; that maybe you could just sit down and start designing by filling out a form.

Our process has proven to us, time and time again, that the visual expression clearly comes about due to some major homework that begins in the research phase of the Discovery Dig and then following that up with a crystal clear Verbal Positioning document. With the right attributes clearly expressed in language, including personality and Brand DNA, everything becomes that much easier to nail, from the actual name of the company to the actual visual expression of the company.

Of course the first order the Visual business is designing the logo. The logo, or logotype, is really just the name of the business graphically expressed in whatever appropriate manner that stays “on brand.” It’s not just picking a font. Nor is it forcing some kind of abstract graphic to be associated with a business either. Like everything in our branding process, we start from “authentic alignment to the core brand.” This means: yes, be authentic! What’s the spirit behind this brand and how does the logotype really capture this essence.

Research includes general typographical associations to narrow things down, but in the end, it’s this extension to the “just right” that is timeless, but edgy and always appropriate to the brand. Logo design is considered one of the most difficult forms of graphic design. Sometimes I can agree with that. But I will say with confidence, that the right Verbal Positioning in the hands of the right creative direction, some talent and patience will lead to some delightful results. There’s no doubt that a great amount of intuitive intelligence is necessary and there’s no exact formula, but through a process, perfection can somehow be repeated.

Running parallel to the logo design, and closely associated is the picking of the color palette. Choosing from the millions of potential shades of colors could seem overwhelming, but truth be it, as you get on brand, the colors emerge without as much struggle as you might guess. In logo design, it’s great to see what it will look with colors, but just as important, we need to see the black and white version, in it’s essence, stripped down to make sure we are also on target.

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