I’d love to share my story and passion for working with over 60 inspired organizations and individuals that want to make a difference while doing business over the last 15 years, 10 years directly in branding.

My creative pursuits began as a high school senior when I was selected as Sterling Scholar for my high school for Visual Arts, in photography. I ended up as a finalist for the state. That passion for photography and storytelling took me into studying film.

I finished college as an award-winning student filmmaker but stumbled onto philosophy as a freshman and I took it up as a second major. I loved my studies because philosophy informed my film with provocative ideas to work out in storytelling through metaphor and visual expression—film as visual poetry. I also informed philosophy with a pursuit in creativity, looking for new insights and making unique connections between ideas that earned the respect of my professors.

While living in Spain after college, I soon began the lifestyle of the expatriate writer—a la Hemmingway—as a way to process the provocative intensity of cultural contrasts and an intense quarter-life crisis. After getting home and exploring different academic paths, I finally decided on pursuing an MBA in Creative Writing. I’d gotten great feedback on my short stories and took the risk to applying to the tough schools, but failed to get accepted.

In an intensity of making a decision about my next path and clear I didn’t want to pursue pure academic work, I became inspired to create an adventure program for students of English as a Second Language, which I’d already taught in Asia and Europe. With little resources, I jumped in and became self-taught in graphic design and primitive web design and learned marketing through trial and error.

These skills morphed into founding a creative services company in 2001 after foreigners stopped coming to the USA. As a film purist, I’d never expected to do video production services for corporate video, but once I started, I’d found it a fulfilling way of creative expression towards pursing marketing goals and keeping the elements of storytelling to connect with the customer. My first corporate project won a Telly Award and I was on my way!

I was also designing websites and other graphic design projects at the time and started to recognize that my clients were struggling with their message, that their logo looked terrible and many times their name was just plain bad! I didn’t have the position or authority to tell them that as I was just taking orders. I saw that my clients really needed a collaborative mind that was willing to ask questions and challenge them to up-level their ideas. As a member of CEO Space, I first heard of Branding. I didn’t know what that was about at all, but after meeting a future mentor and collaborating on a creative project together, I realized that I naturally sought to pinpoint the essence, the DNA of a project and seek an insight that when struck, released major energy into the project with renewed clarity and purpose. I began my own self-branding introspection exercises and soon discovered that my nature was born to brand and hence Brandweaver was born.

running-profileI have attended over 30 CEO Space retreat events and do my best to stay connected to CEOs, start-up founders, solopreneurs and social entrepreneurs. I also am pursuing my own start-up project in high-tech language training with the invention of a spoken language system. I also have written a feature-film screenplay and dabbled with the business of film-producing.

I spend my free time in pursuit of outdoor adventures like backpacking, trail running, mountain biking and peak-bagging which helps to revitalize my mind to stay fresh during my creative discovery work when I’m back at my desk. As such, I experiment with high performance health hacking and lifestyle design—exploring nutrition, mindset and fitness to lead a fulfilled, vital life .