When should I start to engage in branding/rebranding services?

Typically as soon as you’ve done your homework regarding the strategic assessment of your company in the marketplace and have enough capital that you’re financially comfortable doing so, you should begin the branding process.

Branding can come in at any time in your process, but earlier is oftentimes better. There’s a sweet spot: If you’ve not fully developed your ideas it could be premature; just the same, if your business is already established, it will make rebranding more of a challenge.

Getting your branding started at the right moment leverages the work you’ve already done with an immediate, tangible clarity that releases a higher degree of focus and energy. I liken this to the splitting of an atom. No exaggeration! When you really identify and hit your core, all the crap is cast away and you immediately get a release of potent energy.

Find Your Soul

That’s the power of core branding work. Finding that core immediately lays out the actual path, the positioning, the voice and personality of your entire business. In other words, your brand and the work we do to uncover and discover it, almost was destined to exist it seems. The DNA is so specific that there is a deep interior confirmation when we’ve hit it. “You just know.” Everybody knows. It’s quite magical, as if businesses had souls. In fact, they must—it’s our job to assist in the birth of that soul. Call us midwives if you will.

If this sounds slightly mystical, well, it is. It’s not as if there’s not an awareness of what else exists in the marketplace, as if the brand was created in a vacuum. Rather, this birth is part of a continuum and quantum leap in market evolution—like any great new discovery.

Can business matter that much? Give that much meaning? You bet! In fact, really that’s what we need now more than ever. Does your business deserve that kind of guidance? If you’re going to play big, it needs the best stewardship possible.

Ok, so we’re ready to begin branding. How do we start?

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